Root Generation A.0. : Process X : Type 2 : Root-Spores

Root Generation A.0. : Process X : Type 2

Each Root-Spore is a 3D model generated from and equating the photographic data of one of 45 scanned polaroid photographs of the Waiatarua Wetlands, Auckland, New Zealand (2020).

The polaroid photographs are scanned, and photogrammetry is employed to generate 3D approximations of distance in the film’s photographic space. What manifests are spherical forms, Spores, and cylindrical forms, Roots. From these forms, additional processing expands and condenses the model, producing fractal representations of its surface and depth. These maps in turn, are processed using photogrammetry to produce new Spores and Roots, unique, yet equivalent to the data of the original Polaroid photograph.

Spores generated from the fractal images generated in the spherical Spore photogrammetry processing are known as Root-Spores.



Generation A.0. : Process X : Type 2: Select Works




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