Vibrant Matter

Organic systems are active materials; alive and connective. Conventions of the colonial framing of nature, the aesthetic valuation of land that marginalises spaces like the Tamaki estuary, are subverted. This is an alternative space for the estuary’s forces, analogue and digital abstraction evidence of its power. The artist is conduit, the medium through which it expresses its agency.

The Tamaki estuary paints with light in these photos, conveying a unique and specific beauty. Pakuranga’s branch of the estuary is neglected as a liminal space. It is subject to attitudes and conditions impressed by humankind and the environment, perpetuating the estuary’s state of flux. Spaces change in close proximity, and the vibrance, strength and delicacy in the relationships between water, light, and artist are captured here; deconstructing the barrier between ecological domain and human understanding.