Shadow explores the darkness present in the stream that runs through Rapallo Place and into the Tamaki estuary. The stream is heavily polluted and hindered by the urban landscape, bordered and braced by panels of wood and overpopulated with grasses that prevent water from moving freely. As a result, pools of oil and pollutants sit on the surface of the water having run down from the surrounding properties on the banks bordering the stream.

However, the stream is still host to a variety of plant and animal life, including eels which traverse the shallow and cluttered waterway to escape the estuary’s saltwater and access the freshwater running from the upper storm-drains. These polaroids draw attention to the beauty that operates in the environment’s resistance and occupation of this space despite its marginalisation at the hands of urban development. Shadow reflects this darkness which looms over the stream whilst admiring the sublime aspects of the landscape, a testament to its strength and power.