Estuaries occupy a liminal space between land and sea. They are subject to the conditions impressed by humankind and the attitudes of the environment. Pollution, runoff, tides, and weather, together perpetuate the estuary’s state of flux. It has no control of its surrounds yet despite this hindrance, maintains the delicate balance of its ecosystems, allowing its inhabitants to continue to live above and below its confines. Spaces change in close proximity, and the delicate relationships between mud, water, light and trees are captured in Liminal; the water a transitive barrier between an ecological domain and human understanding.

I wanted to get closer to examine the specific beauty that operates in the balance of these boundaries present in estuary systems, to isolate these relationships and elevate them.

Photography, too, is subject to time and changes in the environment, and felt appropriate to address the vulnerability of the estuary as a space. Analogue photography carries a sense of nostalgia in its method; something that was enhanced during the process of taking and developing the image—the soft red burn of the light, prominent grain and dust contributing to this softness and sense of familiarity.