Disposition (Red)



Disposition  (Red) revisits one of the most suffering streams that feeds into the Tamaki River and its estuary. Much of the dense wildlife surrounding the stream had been razed to the ground, the remnants left to rot in the stream’s water in the heat- completely obstructing the majority of the waterflow.

This series investigates the results of this destruction, and the changes in the nuances of the stream and the estuary and their organisms. Colour abstracts the readings of these organic forms, and forces them to be acknowledged and seen as alive. They are, and remain, vibrant and resilient agents in a world that continues to threaten and undermine them.

Disposition is a series of 40 Fujifilm Instax polaroids taken through four different filtered lenses.

Tāmaki Estuary, Pakuranga, Auckland, New Zealand. (2018)