Agnes Varda’s French New Wave film ‘Cléo from 5-7’, chronicles Cléo’s life between these hours as she awaits a medical diagnosis.

I am driven to create, to see in new ways. I became obsessed with Cléo’s transformation in subjectivity from the object of the gaze to the one who looks. The relationship between power and vision enables her to seize the power to redirect her own life.

This series manifests her transformation through my subjectivity as a voyeur. The series has two distinct sections: one softer and more abstract (Cléo as object), the other, aggressive (Cléo as viewer)l. Cléo’s images represent the immaterial exchange between artist, auteur and character.

Cléo is a series of black and white 8×10” digital-contact photograms that have been digitally, scanned, cropped and enhanced. They were created in Auckland, New Zealand in 2016.