Roma Anderson is a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours student at the Elam School of Fine Art in Auckland, New Zealand.

Roma is an avid analogue and digital alternative method artist, she never does things quite in the way they are conventionally done. She is particularly interested in politics of female representation in cinema, and the roles of spectator, voyeur, auteur and character in film. She also is interested in the agency of environments and how they are valued aesthetically and politically; she is currently involved in documenting the estuary where she grew up.

She has taken part in several group shows including Amalgamation (2016) and 4x4x4 (2017) at the Projectspace Gallery in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition, she was included in the exhibition for, and awarded Merit in, the annual Malcolm Smith Gallery Estuary Art and Ecology Prize for her photograph Liminal (2017).

Photo(s) courtesy of artsdiary.co.nz and Eastlife magazine

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